Sending Flowers to the Bereaved

By: Greg Hurd
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The idea of sending flowers has been a tradition and ritual dating back thousands and thousands of years ago. Although traditions around funerals are constantly changing, it seems that floral arrangements is one thing that has remained the same, however it is the meaning that has changed over the years. Throughout this article, we will take a look at how flowers have become a common choice of comfort and respect for funerals.


The History

It is believe that in many cultures that flowers are strong symbols of the circle of life. The majority of the floral arrangements are in the shape of wreaths to represent the continuous journey of life. Once the flowers have been placed on the gravesite, it is a gesture of respect and to honour the deceased. As well, thousands of years ago when there were not the advances in embalming like there are now, the flowers were used to mask the smell.


Different Flowers with Different Meanings

Flowers are symbolic of life and beauty, and that is now the meaning of why people send them. They use them as a something beautiful that represents respect and honour towards the deceased. However, the meaning of the flower can vary tremendously even based on the colour or type of flower. Colours like red are symbolic of love, and darker colours depict the grief and morning process. As well, when you are sending flowers it is important to remember the relationship that you had with the deceased. Certain flowers represent innocence and purity, while others convey love, respect, and even at times sadness. When you are sending flowers to the bereaved, you are also demonstrating a level of respect for their lose.


When shouldn’t you send Flowers?

In some cases though, flowers are not appropriate for a funeral. In some instances families will specifically ask for no flowers, they will either mention a charity that they would rather you donate to instead. It is important to respect the bereaved, if they specifically ask for no flowers, do not send flowers. Also for some religions, such as Judaism, it is more appropriate to send things like a food basket to the grieving family, because it is seen as something more practical.


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