5 Memorable Ways to Honor Your Loved One Once They've Passed

By: Greg Hurd
Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Creating a memorial to properly say goodbye and remember a loved one after they've passed is a touching and unique way to pay your respects. Furthermore, it can go a long way to getting through your grief and coming to terms with your loss. Memorials are a perfect way to focus on the positive and fulfilling lives that your loved ones lead. In addition to this, they are a concrete reminder whenever you need one. This way your loved ones will live on both in spirit and in your memory.


Messages & Letters

A message in a bottle, time capsule buried in your yard, or balloon message are great ideas to keep in mind when building your memorial. Each can help personalize your parting message. On that note, a message or letter to your loved one is incredibly intimate, especially if you know that it will be kept between the two of you. A message in a bottle can be buried in your backyard, very much like a time capsule containing whatever you like, but can also be tweaked to your liking with exceptional versatility. Likewise, balloon messages, which are constructed with helium balloons or paper balloons and a candle, are a touching way to send a note towards the heavens. If you opt for the latter, ensure your memorial won't start any fires by accident.


Planting a Memorial

Planting a flower, bush, or tree is another way to show your respect and love. The added bonus is that you are able to care for it and watch it develop. If you bury your loved one's ashes along with the plant you chose you can feel even more connected to them. This can be coupled with a charitable donation with the tree being planted in your loved one's honour. Adding a plaque or memorial sign is another touch worth considering.



Donations to your loved one's favourite charity or cause, and doing so in their name, is a way to give back while allowing them to continue to do so as well. Community projects are recommended, especially if the deceased was an active member. Park projects and community gardens are a way of giving back with your time instead of your money. Actively engaging in donations or charitable work means doing better for the community while keeping a loved one's memory alive.


Keepsakes & Reminders

Framing or keeping favourite articles of clothing or cherised items helps you keep your loved ones close. Mementos make for great memorials and can be stored for more private viewing or displayed for everyone to see. Many cultures believe that a person's spirit is contained, at least in part, in favourite items. This can help many people feel like their loved ones that have passed away are still very much with them.


Scrapbooks & Albums

It's been said many times that a picture says a thousand words. While this saying has reached the realm of the cliche it is, nonetheless, true. Keeping pictures and maintaining scrapbooks or albums containing cherished pieces of artwork, photos, and letters will allow you to browse through at your leisure and reminisce on all the good times. With these around, your loved ones will never be too far away. All it takes it opening up the pages and reminiscing about your time spent together.


The loss of a loved one can be a hard time for everyone involved. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesistate to contact us here at Hurd Funeral Home.

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