The Steps to Writing a Eulogy

By: Greg Hurd
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A eulogy can be a difficult speech to write. It is not an easy task to put a lifetime of stories, memories, and words into a few minutes that you will have to talk. Our professionals here at Hurd Funeral Homes, have provided you with the steps to writing a eulogy to help you narrow your thoughts down and have a guide to look back at.


The eulogy is made up of three different parts in a format that is common amongst writing. It starts off with an introduction, follows into the body of the speech, and ends with a conclusion to wrap everything together.



As you begin writing your speech it is important that you include introducing yourself to the family and friends of the deceased. You may be a close friend, a daughter, or a brother. Either way, tell everyone who you are and what your relationship was to this person. Remember that a eulogy is a true reflection of who this person was and your goal is to get the main message across to the people listening. If you felt that this person was a very kind and generous person. This will be your main message that you will build the body of the eulogy from.



Typically, you would share around three stories about your loved one to the audience. Tying back into your main message from your intro, you will share stories that demonstrate who this person was and the impact they had on your life.


You may be asking yourself if you want to tell a personal story to the audience. Would your loved one want everyone to know this? Simply put, there may be stories that no one has ever heard before and by sharing them with everyone you are allowing them to see a piece of their loved one’s life that they may not have ever known. This is a good way to show how much this person meant to you and all the good times you had with each other.


With these stories, try to connect the back to your main message using quotes, lyrics, poems or anything that reflects the deceased’s character.



Wrapping up your speech, this is the part that you want the audience to take something from and really remember. This is also your time to tell the audience how much you all love and will miss your loved one.



Remember to speak from your heart and express your true feelings about the deceased. There are no right or wrong ways to write a eulogy but we hope this guideline can help to alleviate any sense of overwhelming feeling. If you have any other questions or would like to speak to our professionals here at, Hurd Family Funerals, you can contact us here.

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